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Our trustees are accountable for the theatre building and ensuring our charity meets its Charitable aims

The aims of our Charity are:

  • To advance the arts, particularly the medium of drama, for the benefit of the public.  
  • To help and educate young people through their leisure time activities, especially in the medium of drama and the associated arts, so to develop their physical and mental capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

Our trustees are organised into subcommittees to support our volunteer and paid members of staff in executing their responsibilities.  These subcommittees are as follows:

  • Putney Theatre Company Subcommittee:  Members - Carrie Cable (Chair), Jeff Graves (Artistic Director), Emma Miles (Assistant Artistic Director),  Alexa Adam, Olga Budimir, Kim Dyas,  Grace Johnstone, Tom Sainsbury, Ally Staddon, Veronika Wilson.
  • Group 64 Trustee contact:  Zoe Copley and Joseph Raynor
  • Finance Subcommittee:  Bryan Raven, Perry Kitchen, Piers Wilson, Carrie Cable (PTC), Nicola Sterry (G64), Veronika Wilson. 
  • Buildings Subcommittee: Paul Benton, Veronika Wilson
  • Development Subcommittee: Amanda Benzecry, Piers Wilson, Veronika Wilson
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead: Zoe Copley

Invitation to new trustees

Are you (or do you know somebody who might be) interested in becoming a trustee?

Trustees are the people who serve on the governing body of PAT. They are charged with overall policy and direction and have a legal duty to ensure that the objects of the Putney Arts Theatre are being met.

We are permitted to have 12 trustees. At the AGM, three trustees will be standing down and offering themselves for re-election, and there are two additional vacancies to be recruited to. Further information about the role of trustees can be found here . We are particularly keen to recruit trustees who can offer professional skills and experience to address known skills gaps within the existing board members. We are also specifically recruiting a Trustee for the role of Secretary of the Trustees, to replace Sarah Kitchen, who is standing down after eleven years' service. Further information on this specific role can be found here.

Trustees do not need to be members of Putney Arts Theatre, and we are keen to develop an inclusive board to better represent the diversity and experience of the theatre’s users and local communities. As such, we would be grateful if you could share this notice with any relevant professional networks you are part of.

If you would like to put your name forward for consideration at the AGM, please send the theatre office your name, together with the names of your proposer and seconder, and a paragraph (100- 150 words) about yourself and what you believe you can offer as a trustee to info@putneyartstheatre.org.uk

Please send this by Tuesday 12 October 2021.

If you have any questions about being a trustee or the role of Secretary, please send a message via the office to the current Secretary to the Trustees, Sarah Kitchen, or to our Chair of Trustees, Sarah Jillings.

Annual reports and minutes of Annual General Meetings

PAT  Annual Report 2021

PAT Annual Report 2020

PAT AGM Minutes 2020


Sarah Jillings

VICE Chair:

Piers Wilson


Perry Kitchen


Amanda Benzecry


Carrie Cable


Laura Jackson


Zoe Copley


Bryan Raven




Craig McAulay


Paul Benton



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Find out more about what Putney Arts Theatre does, what it tries to achieve, and who helps us do it below:

Photography on this website is provided by numerous members over the years. In particular we would like to thank: Ben Copping, Martin Jessop, Rich Evans and Steve Lippett who have contributed so much to capturing our productions in such amazing quality.

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