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Past Productions

This Historical Record is a constant work in progress.  

We are always looking for more photos and information about our productions and members of the past.  If you know anyone who'd like to help out improve this area then just let us know!

You'll see the list is in two parts.  The first part takes us back to the last time we updated our website, and has a lot more information about each production.  The second list just contains the playwright and name of the production with the year it took place.  Over time we want to continue to grow the first list, and would appreciate any volunteers to help with this task – it is quite time consuming!

19/03/2024 Scandaltown
20/02/2024 The Children
13/12/2023 My Fair Lady
07/12/2023 Anne of Green Gables
14/11/2023 Amadeus
17/10/2023 Apologia
26/09/2023 The Hound of the Baskervilles
09/09/2023 The Canterbury Tales
30/08/2023 The Canterbury Tales
20/06/2023 Sense & Sensibility
16/05/2023 Mayfly
25/04/2023 The Welkin
14/03/2023 The Last of the Haussmans
21/02/2023 Kindertransport
06/01/2023 Dick Whittington
08/11/2022 Great Expectations
04/10/2022 Ulster American
15/09/2022 A Midsummer Night's Dream
02/07/2022 Cyrano De Bergerac - Outside Production
21/06/2022 Cyrano De Bergerac
04/05/2022 New Writing Festival
31/03/2022 Nell Gwynn
25/02/2022 Celebration - (staged reading)
15/02/2022 Killology
25/01/2022 House of Bernarda
06/01/2022 Alice in Wonderland
04/09/2021 Three Men in a Boat
21/08/2021 Di and Viv and Rose – a rehearsed reading
17/07/2021 The School for Scandal
24/06/2021 Eight
04/04/2021 Little Women
25/03/2021 New Writing – It's What's Inside That Counts
25/02/2021 The Weir
26/11/2020 The God of Carnage
12/09/2020 Twelfth Night
23/07/2020 Truth or Dare? A Live Zoom Event!
03/03/2020 The Wolves
27/02/2020 Witches Can't Be Burned
11/02/2020 The Duchess of Malfi
21/01/2020 Tribes
17/12/2019 Treasure Island
05/12/2019 Peter Pan
21/11/2019 Group 64 Young Directors 2019
05/11/2019 Things I Know to Be True
15/10/2019 Radiant Vermin
24/09/2019 Enron
16/07/2019 Bed 13 (at the OSO Arts Centre)
11/07/2019 Hansel & Gretel
06/07/2019 The Odyssey - Outdoors
25/06/2019 The Odyssey
21/05/2019 Revolutions
23/04/2019 The Real Thing
21/03/2019 Young Company Double Bill 2019
12/03/2019 Touch
19/02/2019 Closer
22/01/2019 The Retreat

The Historical List

As our website was only created in 2019, we don't have historical listings for our productions before then.  But we have our long list - so if you'd like to find out what has come before, read on!


Ladies Day (PTC)
Zero 4 (G64)
Rumours (PTC)
Ceasefire (PTC)
BU21 (PTC)
Importance of Being Earnest (PTC)
Fate Expectations (PTC)
The Tempest (PTC)
The Twits (PTC)
The Suffrage Plays (PTC)
Picnic (PTC)
Oh Hitler (PTC)
Secret Spies (PTC)
Macbeth (PTC)
Young Directors (G64)
A Midsummer Nights Dream (G64)
Robin Hood (PTC)


:Letters / Girls (G64)
The Oldest Profession (PTC)
Steel Magnolias (PTC)
Moonlight & Magnolias (PTC)
I Am England (PTC)
Love, Love, Love (PTC)
My Mother Said I Never Should (PTC)
Love in the Time of Tinder (PTC)
As You Like It (PTC)
The Witches (G64)
In Basildon (PTC)
The Seagull (PTC)
Ghosts (PTC)
The Browning Version (PTC)
Anna Karenina (PTC)
DNA (G64)
Sisterhood (PTC)
Truth or Dare (G64)
Jack & the Beanstalk (PTC)


Cock (PTC)
Macbeth (G64)
Glory Dazed (PTC)
One Man Two Guvnors (PTC)
It Snows (G64)
The Worlds Wife (PTC)
Ladykillers (PTC)
Under the Blue Sky (PTC)
Lady Windemere's Fan (PTC)
The Boy Who Fell (G64)
The River (PTC)
The Vortex (PTC)
After the Dance (PTC)
Handbagged (PTC)
Look Back in Anger (PTC)
Brainstorm (G64)
Emil & the Detectives (G64)
Cinderellaland (PTC)


Huis Clos (PTC)
Pronoun / Blue Stockings (G64)
Collaborators (PTC)
Forever House (PTC)
The Wiz (G64)
Private Lives (PTC)
Numbers / Party (PTC)
Youth Cabaret (G64)
Pride & Prejudice (PTC)
Beauty & the Beast (PTC)
The Star & the Sea (G64)
Therese Raquin (PTC)
The Effect (PTC)
Jumpers for Goalposts (PTC)
Crime & Punishment (PTC)
Glory Dazed (PTC)
A Chorus of Disapproval (PTC)
Files / Punk Rock (G64)
Wolves of Willoughby (G64)
Bracken Moor (PTC)


The Thrill of Love -  Amanda Whittington (PTC)
Comedy of Errors - William Shakespeare (G64)
Love & Information - Caryl Churchill (PTC)
The Wardrobe - Sam Holcroft (G64)
50 Shades of Funny - PTC New Writers (PTC)
Contractions - Mike Bartlett (PTC)
The Belinda Tree - (G64)
Brighton Beach Memoirs - Neil Simon (PTC)
Our New Girl - Nancy Harris (PTC)
Youth Cabaret (G64)
Anne Boleyn - Howard Brenton (PTC)
James & The Giant Peach - Roald Dahl adapted by tbc(G64)
Sex With a Stranger - Stefan Golaszewski (PTC)
Bronte - Polly Teale (PTC)
Stepping Out  - Richard Harris (PTC)
The Anniversary - PTC New Writers (PTC)
Henry V  - William Shakespeare (PTC)
Young Directors (G64)
The Railway Children - E.Nesbit adapted by Mike Kenny (G64)
Get Santa - Christopher Smith (PTC)


Little Shop of Horrors - Howard Ashman & Alan Menken (G64)
Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Joseph Robinette (G64)
Matilda Liar! - Debbie Isitt (G64)
City for Singles -Behic Ak (G64)
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens adapted by Karen Louise Hebden (G64)
Write Now - PTC New Writing (PTC)
Out of Order - Ray Cooney (PTC)
Rabbit - Nina Raine (PTC)
Clybourne Park - Bruce Norris (PTC)
Love's Labour's Lost - William Shakespeare (PTC)
Love's Labour's Lost Outside Production - William Shakespeare (PTC)
The Liberty Belle - Harry Chambers (PTC)
The Birds - Conor McPherson (PTC)
Dancing at Lughnasa - Brian Friel (PTC)
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found - Finn Kennedy (PTC)
Equus - Peter Shaffer (PTC)
A Very Victorian Christmas - PTC New Writing (PTC & G64)


Animal Farm - George Orwell (G64)
Socialism is Great - Ander Lustgarten (G64)
Alice Through The Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll adapted by Marc Porter Zasada (G64)
Daisy Pulls It Off - Denise Deegan (PTC & G64)
G64 Young Directors: Yes and No - Graham Green (G64)
G64 Young Directors: Journey to X - Nancy Harris (G64)
The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Anderson adapted by Toby Quash (G64)
Set Pieces - PTC New Writing (PTC)
The Speculator - David Greig (PTC)
The Shape of Things - Neil La Bute (PTC)
The Winslow Boy - Terence Rattigan (PTC)
Little Gem - Elaine Murphy (PTC)
Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare (PTC)
Much Ado About Nothing Outside Production - William Shakespeare (PTC)
10 Cubed - PTC New Writing (PTC)
Foxfinder - Dawn King (PTC)
The Rivals - Richard Brinsley Sheridan (PTC)
The Priory - Michael Wynne (PTC)


The Beauty Manifesto - Nell Leyson (G64)
G64 Young Directors: The Exam (G64)
Peter Pan - JM Barrie adapted by John Caird & Trevor Nunn (G64)
The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame adapted by Alan Bennett (G64)
G64 Young Directors: DNA - Dennis Kelly (G64)
G64 Young Directors: My Face - Nigel Williams (G64)
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis, adapted by Adrian Mitchell (G64)
New Writing 2011 - PTC New Writing (PTC)
Hay Fever - Noel Coward (PTC)
Angels in America: Perestroika - Tony Kushner (PTC)
After Miss Julie - Patrick Marber (PTC)
A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare (PTC)
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Outside Production - William Shakespeare (PTC)
Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw (PTC)
Catastrophe in 4D - Samuel Beckett (PTC)
Capital Vices - PTC New Writing (PTC)
On the Razzle - Tom Stoppard (PTC)
Time of My Life - Alan Ayckbourn (PTC)


The Twits - Roald Dahl adapted by David Wood (G64)
G64 Young Directors: Ruckus in the Garden - David Farr (G64)
G64 Young Directors: A Handbag - Antony Horowitz (G64)
Bugsy Malone - Alan Parker (G64)
His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman adapted by Nicholas Wright (G64)
New Writing 2010 - PTC New Writing (PTC)
The Love of the Nightingale - Timberlake Wertenbaker (PTC)
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown - Clark Gesner (PTC)
Silence - Moira Buffini (PTC)
Private Fears in Public Places - Alan Ayckbourn (PTC)
A Midsummer Nights Scream - PTC New Writing (PTC)
The Children's Hour - Lilian Hellman (PTC)
Life x 3 - Yasmina Reza (PTC)
If Music Be - PTC New Writing (PTC)
Angels in America: Millennium Approaches - Tony Kushner (PTC)
Black Christmas: Harry's Christmas - Steven Berkoff (PTC)
Black Christmas: The Night Before Christmas - Antony Neilson (PTC)


His Dark Materials - Part 1 by Phillip Pullman, adapted by Nicholas Wright (G64)
November Cabaret (G64)
Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll (G64)
Chatroom - Brenda Walsh (G64)
After Juliet - Sharman MacDonald (G64)
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling adapted by Stuart Paterson (G64)
The Hypochondriac - Moliere (PTC)
The House of Bernarda Alba - Frederico Garcia Lorca (PTC)
Airswimming - Charlotte Jones (PTC)
Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - Dario Fo (PTC)
Double Bill: Bobby Bathurst & The Spiders From Cars - Graham Kellas (PTC)
Double Bill: The Awkward Date - Jonathon Carroll (PTC)
Festen - David Eldridge (PTC)
The Memory of Water - Shelagh Stephenson (PTC)
Wandsworth Arts Festival Stage Readings (PTC)
Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare (PTC)
Across Oka - Robert Holman (PTC)
Studio Shorts - PTC New Writing (PTC)


Brimstone and Treacle – Dennis Potter
The Art of Success – Nick Dear
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl, adapted by Richard George
Hidden Treasures – Group 64 Easter Project
Six Degrees of Separation – John Guare
A number – Caryl Churchill
Loveplay – Moira Buffini
The Last Resort – Putney Theatre Company New Writing
Sparkleshark – Philip Ridley
Swedish Odyssey/Albert Underpants and the Flying Crocodiles/Abandon Theatre/The Doyouthinktheysaurus Stories/Summer Getaway – summer projects with Louise Pendry. Ned Glasier, Kirsty Lloyd, Monique Julian and Rachel Sears
Mammals – Amelia Bullmore
Teechers – John Godber
The Importance of Being Earnest – Oscar Wilde
Beauty and the Beast – Laurence Boswell
The Magic Stone of Saturnalia – Darren Clark and Charlotte Ive


Proof – David Auburn
Arms and the Man - George Bernard Shaw
Planet Phoenix - Kirsten Hutton
The Stolen Childhood/Mr Magic Has No friends – Group 64 Easter projects
Black Widow – Paul Thain
Death and the Maiden – Ariel Dorfman\Self Portrait – Sheila Yeger
Live From Tudor Barn/The Mystery Stone/The Image Seller – devised by Louise Pendry, Lucy Norris and Kirsty Lloyd
Wonder of the World – David Lindsay Abaire
The Revenger’s Tragedy – Thomas Middleton
Octoberfest including The Mercy Seat (Neil LaBute) and Cigarettes and Chocolate (Antony Minghella)
A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens adapted by Neil Bartlett
Tales of Petruska – Freya Finnerty, Darren Clark and Putney Theatre Company


Power – Nick Dear
The Forest Where Kit Went – Kirsten Hutton, Louise Pendry and Group 64
The Meaning of Me/Wonderfully Wild Worlds – Group 64 Easter Projects
Our Country’s Good – Timberlake Wertenbaker
Blue/Orange – Joe Penhall
A Property of the Clan – Nick Enright
The Banquet/ Summer Holiday/Memory Magician/Wish – devised by Kirsten Hutton, Louise Pendry and Ned Glasier
Night of the Soul – David Farr
Octoberfest – including Knives in Hens (David Harrower) 100 (Diene Petterie, Neil Monaghan, Christopher Hiemann) and Two (Jim Cartwright)
Tartuffe – Moliere translated by Richard Wilber
Arabian Nights – Dominic Cooke


The Libertine – Stephen Jeffreys
Marvellous Myths – Kirsten Hutton and Group 64
Around the World in Four Days – Group 64 Easter Project
Hedda Gabler – Henrik Ibsen adapted by John Osborne
The Ancient Mariner – S T Coleridge adapted by Michael Bogdanov
Reasons for Living – Jonathan Winfield
Midsummer Madness – PTC summer festival
Dream Catching/Tales of the Extraordinary/No Time Like the Present – devised by Kirsten Hutton, Louise Pendry and Ned Glasier
Sexual Perversity in Chicago – David Mamet
Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth – Tom Stoppard
Grimm Tales – Carol Ann Duffy


The Fleaman – Eddie Forde (Rehearsed Reading)
An Ideal Husband – Oscar Wilde
Something Must Be Done – Lloyd Wylde
Group 64 –a-go-go – Revue/Concert by Group 64
Who’s George? (Easter Project) – Greg Ashton and Tabitha Owens
Honk! – George Stiles and Anthony Drewe
The Lover and Celebration – Harold Pinter
The Heart Goes On – Variety Show
Lucky Dip/Wowchester Times/B Minor – devised by Lloyd Wylde, Laura McFail, Greg Ashton, Kirsten Hutton and Group 64
Absent Friends – Alan Ayckbourn
Les Liaisons Dangereuses – Christopher Hampton
Treasure Island – R L Stevenson adapted by Ian Crawford and Steve Hill


In the Club – William Harvey
Raising the Roof – Variety Show
March Magic – Laura McFall
Inventions – Easter project devised by Lloyd Wylde and Laura McFall
Perfect Days – Liz Lochhead
Totally Over You – Mark Ravenhill
Sauce For The Goose – Georges Feydeau translated by Kenneth McLeish
Mad World/The Cow, The Hood and the Chocolate Factory/Communication – devised by Lloyd Wylde, Laura McFall, Greg Ashton, Imogen Kinchin, John Eastman and Dominic Jones
Blue Murder – Peter Nichols
The Cherry Orchard – Anton Chekhov
Baked Beans and Battenburg - Laura McFall
Wild Thing – 60s Review devised and directed by Arrif Lalani


The Tempest – William Shakespeare
Sparklers – Trouble in Fairyland – devised and directed by Dawn Hatton
Waxwork Magic – Easter project devised by Claire Rawson-MacKenzie, Oliver Snowball and Dawn Hatton
An Evening of Shakespeare – a Revue for St George’s Day
Sweet Panic – Stephen Poliakoff
Arcadia – Tom Stoppard
Sketches to Watch the World Go By – devised and directed by Jonathan Winfield
A Sense of Freedom/Triumph and Disaster/The Oddest Sea Odyssey – devised by Claire Rawson-MacKenzie, Oliver Snowball, Dawn Hatton. Tricia Hitchcock, Katie Maccabe, Emma Langrish and Group 64
The Beauty Queen of Leenane – Martin McDonagh
The Bay at Nice/The Bald Prima Donna – David Hare/Eugene Ionesco
The Wizard of Wobbling Rock – Patricia Wood


Snack – Oliver Snowball
Under the Stars – Richard Crane
Group 64 Talent show
Easter 2001 Youth Project – Claire Rawson-MacKenzie and Oliver Snowball
Once in a Lifetime – Moss Hart and George St Kaufman
Squirrels – David Mamet and The Virtuous Burgler - Dario Fo
Branded/The Curse of Kukantia/Seasick – devised by Claire Rawson-MacKenzie, Oliver Snowball and Group 64
The Country Wife – William Wycherley
Up the Empire! – Helen Castelow and Jonathan Winfield
The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Graham adapted by Alan Bennett


The Droitwich Discovery – Nick Warburton (Rehearsed Reading)
London Assurance – Dion Boucicault
The Poor Woman’s Reward – Easter project devised by Meriel Whale and Oliver Snowball
Wyrd Sisters – Terry Pratchett
The Visit – Frierdrich Durrenmatt
London Life – a festival of youth theatre devised and directed by Meriel Whale and Oliver Snowball comprising: The Bus; The Street; The Wasteland; The Family; The Night Out
Isobel - devised by Meriel Whale, Oliver Snowball and Linda Marshall-Griffiths
The History of Seafaring/The King of the Castle –summer project Christina Reid
The Clearing – Helen Edmundson
The Rehearsal – Jean Anouilh
Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations – Alan Ayckbourn
Live Bed Show – Arthur Smith and Death of a Madman adapted from Gogol by Graham Kellas and Sergio Synder (Rehearsed Reading)


Alice Through The Looking Glass   Adapted from Lewis Carroll by Benjamin Till
Can You Keep A Secret?   Winsome Pinnock (for BT National Connections)
She Stoops To Conquer   Oliver Goldsmith
Benefactors     Michael Frayn
The Ship That Flew    Devised by Emily Hare* from a Ukranian folk tale
Prairie du Chien   David Mamet (rehearsed reading)
Grave Letter, The Map Summer Projects led by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*Sparklesharkby Philip Ridley, Summer Project led by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*
Death And The Maiden    Ariel Dorfman
An Inspector Calls    JB Priestley
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe    CS Lewis, adapted by Joseph Robinette


James and the Giant Peach   Roald Dahl
Once In A While The Odd Thing Happens   Paul Godfrey
Shelter   Simon Bent (Easter Project led by Meriel Whale*)
Never Mind The Building Works   A season of rehearsed readings, comprising:
Mr Pelly & The Giraffe, from Roald Dahl: Lousy Oddsby Ted Cherriot*:
Previously Lovedby Richard Broughton*: Camilleby Pam Gems
Four Plays In A Day   Devised and directed by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*
The Bored Game; The Caves; Mario’s; Hamlet Out Of Joint
Crisis At Camelot   Summer Project led by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*
The Importance of Being Heard  Summer Project led by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*
The Map of Africa  Summer Project led by Meriel Whale* & Emily Hare*
The Mill On The Floss   Adapted from George Eliot by Helen Edmundson
Romeo And Juliet   William Shakespeare


The Land of Green Ginger  Adapted from Noel Langley
by Frances Boarder and Barney Hart Dyke*
The Elephant Man  Bernard Pomerance
Blue Remembered Hills  Dennis Potter
An Evening of Monologues  Devised and Directed by Caroline Ferris* and Geoff Saunders*
All My Sons  Arthur Miller
Stags and Hens  Willy Russell
New Revue New Talent   Devised/Directed by Barney Hart Dyke*and Adelle Connick*
My Mother Said I Never Should  Charlotte Keatley
The Trial  Adapted from Kafka by Steven Berkoff


As You Like It   William Shakespeare
The Real Thing   Tom Stoppard
Off Out   Gill Adams
The Royal Hunt Of The Sun   Peter Shaffer
Don’t Blame It On The BootsNJ Warburton & Watch My Lips Geoff Saunders*
Men and Angels   Choral Concert arranged by John Pead*
Europe   Michael Gow
Talulah   Mary Ann Ephgrave
Time   Devised workshop led by Barney Hart Dyke* and Adelle Connick*
Pink Thunderbird (Laundry & Bourbon/Lone Star)   Ben McLure
The Real Inspector Hound   Tom Stoppard (rehearsed reading)
Professor Taranne/Can You Hear The Music   Arthur Adamov/David Campton
Goosepimples   Mike Leigh (rehearsed reading)
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me   Frank McGuinness
A Life   Hugh Leonard      


Look Back In Anger   John Osborne
Person to Person Gerry Ball / No Son of MineRichard Rickford (rehearsed reading)
Swing System   Sounds of the 40s with John Pead*
Loot   Joe Orton
Carmina Burana   Carl Orff
Uranium 235   Ewen MacColl (rehearsed reading)
Talk Radio   Eric Bogosian
The Dresser   Ronald Haywood
The Proposal and Other Short Plays   Anton Chekhov
Les Liaisons Dangereuses   Christopher Hampton
The Children’s Hour   Lillian Hellman
The Duchess of Malfi   John Webster
The Dumb Waiter/The Lover   Harold Pinter
A Tale Of Two Cities   adapted from Charles Dickens by
Peter Denman* and Andrew Perkins*


Brimstone and Treacle   Dennis Potter
Studio Comedy   an anthology devised by Gerry Ball*
The Anansi Stories   adapted by Jonathan Gambier* and Astrid Grant
Leonora’s Dance   Zindika (rehearsed reading)
The Normal Heart   Larry Kramer
Chameleon   (Rehearsed reading)
Making History   Brian Friel
The Inaccurate Conception Richard Ahsam* & Geoff Saunders* (rehearsed reading)
A Capella   an evening of vocal music, devised by John Pead
In Camera   Jean Paul Sartre
Wilde Tales   Oscar Wilde’s “The Star Child” and “The Canterville Ghost”  adapted by Jonathan Gambier* and Sarah Kitchen*
Our House   Richard C Broughton*
Macbeth   William Shakespeare
Noah   Devised by Jonathan Gambier* and Jessica MacKenzie*
Miss Julie   August Strindberg
One For The Road   Willy Russell (rehearsed reading)
A Doll’s House   Henrik Ibsen
Artist Descending A Staircase   Tom Stoppard
Fortune And Men’s Eyes   John Herbert
Bugsy Malone   Alan Parker (30th Anniversary Production)
Christmas Concert   Devised and conducted by John Pead*


Poppy   Peter Nicholls
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead   Tom Stoppard
Alice Through The Looking Glass   Lewis Carroll, adapted by Jonathan Gambier*
Studio Shakespeare   an anthology devised by Gerry Ball*
Vinegar Tom   Caryl Churchill
Julius Caesar   William Shakespeare
Johnny Noble   Ewen MacColl
The Caucasian Chalk Circle   Bertolt Brecht
The Bailiffs   Mark Normandy*
Life Rhythms   Dance show devised by Fiona Cameron* and Victoria Worsfold*
Candide   Voltaire, adapted by Richard Ahsam* and John Pead*
Bye Bye Birdie   Michael Stewart, Charles Strouse and Lee Adams
Rhyme and Rhythm an entertainment devised by Jonathan Gambier* and John Pead*
Happy Jack   John Godber
Death in Venice   Thomas Mann (rehearsed reading)
Oliver!   Lionel Bart


The Dracula Spectacula   John Gardiner and Andrew Parr
The Crowd   Ray Bradbury, adapted by Ian Higham*
The Father   August Strindberg
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie   adapted from Muriel Spark by Jay Presson Allen
The Gut Girls   Sarah Daniels
The Lady’s Not For Burning   Christopher Fry
Breaking The Silence   Stephen Poliakoff
Close The Coalhouse Door   Alan Plater
Tall Tales   an improvisation led by Suki Whitcomb*
Teechers   John Godber
Valued Friends   Stephen Jeffreys
The Demon Headmaster   adapted by Jonathan Gambier*


The Innocents   William Archibald
The Golden Age   Louis Nowra
Distant Drums   Anthony Maddalena* (Rehearsed Reading)
Hiawatha   H.W. Longfellow, adapted by Michael Bogdanov
Wild Honey   Anton Chekhov, translated/adapted by Michael Frayn
Better Times   Barrie Keefe
Zodiac   David Campton
The Rivals   Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Womberang   Sue Townsend
The Golden Pathway Annual   John Harding and John Burrows
Our Country’s Good   Timberlake Wertenbaker
A Christmas Carol   Charles Dickens, adapted by Jonathan Gambier*


Winnie the Pooh   A.A. Milne
Hard Times   Charles Dickens, adapted by Stephen Jeffreys
The Tempest   William Shakespeare
Cats On The Roof   Sergio Snyder*
Sweeney Todd   C.G. Bond
The Sneeze  Anton Chekhov / After Liverpool  James Saunders
The Importance of Being Earnest   Oscar Wilde
Find Me   Olwen Wymark
Lulu   Frank Wedekind, adapted by Gerry Ball
The Fatal Shore  Ian Palmer*, adapted from “The Transports” by Peter Bellamy
Six Characters In Search Of An Author   Luigi Pirandello
Fun At The Pole   Jonathan Gambier*, Laraine Phillips* and Sarah Watkins*  


Rage  Dance Drama devised by Nick Beeby* and Heather Moss*
Gregory’s Girl   Bill Forsyth
The Three Sisters   Anton Chekhov
Shakers   John Godber
Shadows   Nicholas Jordan*
Daisy Pulls It Off   Denise Deegan
Drums In The Night   Bertolt Brecht
The Promise   Aleksei Arbuzov
Two Planks and a Passion   Antony Minghella
Ghosts   Henrik Ibsen
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   Roald Dahl


Hay Fever (50th Anniversary)
The Physicists


Table Manners
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Dead On Nine


The Restless Evil
Time And Time Again
The Bacchae


Love For Love
They Don't Grow On Trees
Dark Of The Moon 


Sabrina Fair
Move Over Mrs Markham
Enter A Free Man 


The Corn Is Green


Home And Beauty
The Captives


Try It Again
The Beaux' Stratagem


Fumed Oak
Lunch Hour


The Little Hut
Wilderness Voice
Affairs Of State


Night Must Fall
The Queen And The Rebels 


The Noble Spaniard
Big Bad Mouse


The Happy Marriage (PP)
The Little Foxes (PP)
Johnny Belinda (PP)
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg by Peter Nichols (G64)
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (G64)
The Promise by Alexei Arbuzov (G64)
The Royal Hunt of the Sun by Frederico Garcia Lorca (G64)


Out Of The Crocodile (PP)
Sound Of Murder (PP)
And So To Bed (PP)
Right Honourable Gentleman (PP)
Dark of the Moon by Howard Richadson & William Berney (G64)
The Flies by Jean Paul Satre (G64)
Little Malcolm & His Struggle Against the Eunuchs by David Halliwell (G64)
Opening Show - Dance Drama, The Prisoner & The Ruffian on the Stair (G64)


Wrong Side Of The Park (PP) 
The Miser (PP)
Man About The House (PP)
On Monday Next (PP)
The Enchanted Circus by Maurice Copus & Denis Geary (G64)
Lysistrata by Aristophanes (G64)


Penny For The Guy
Waltz Of The Toreadors
Admirable Bashville
Dark Lady Of The Sonnets
Shewing Up Of Blanco Posnet
Dear Charles
Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall (G64)
The Prisoner (G64)


Ring Of Truth (PP)
Rain (PP)
The Heiress (PP) 
The Crucible by Arthur Miller (G64)
The Care of Honour by John Antrobus (G64)
The Outsider  - An Improvisation (G64)


Waiting In The Wings (PP)
Hotel Paradiso (PP)
Rape Of The Belt (PP)
Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck (G64)
Why the Chicken by John McGrath (G64)


My Three Angels (PP)
A Letter From The General


The Cocktail Party (PP)
The Long Sunset (PP)
Traveller Without Luggage (PP)


The Lady's Not For Burning (PP)
Towards Zero (PP)
The Chalk Garden (PP)


Anastasia (PP)
Bonaventure (PP)
Harvey (PP)
Flare Path (PP)


The Day's Mischief Foreign Affairs (PADS)
Full House (PADS)
The House By The Lake (PADS)


The Whole Truth (PADS)
The White Sheep Of The Family (PADS)
The Crucible (PADS)


You Never Can Tell (PADS)
The Living Room (PADS)
The Trial Of Mary Dugan (PADS)
The Gioconda Smile (PADS)


Birthday Honours (PADS)
The Pet Shop (PADS)
Murder Mistaken (PADS)


After My Fashion (PADS)
Our Town (PADS)
Time And The Conways (PADS)


The Rivals (PADS)
The Hollow (PADS)
The Intruder (Drama Festival) (PADS)
Relative Values (PADS)


Queen Elizabeth Slept Here (PADS)
The Guinea Pig (PADS)
Bonaventure (PADS)


Kind Lady (PADS)
Black Chiffon (PADS)
The Happy Family (PADS)


The Paragon (PADS)
The Sacred Flame (PADS)
The Man Who Came To Dinner (PADS)


Mary Mary Quite Contrary (PADS)
When We are Married (PADS)
Playbill (PADS)


George And Margaret (PADS)
Heaven And Charing Cross (PADS)
An Inspector Calls (PADS)


Pygmalion (PADS)
Dr Brent's Household (PADS)
Children In Uniform (PADS)


The Barretts Of Wimpole Street (PADS)
Robert's Wife (PADS)


While The Sun shines (PADS)


Call It A Day (PADS)


The Rose Without A Thorn (PADS)
The Trial of Mary Dugan (PADS)


Payment Deferred (PADS)
The Lilies Of The Field (PADS)
The Skin Game (PADS)


The Creaking Chair Sixteen (PADS)
Playgoers Fresh Fields (PADS)


The Barretts Of Wimpole Street (PADS)
Pygmalion (PADS)


The Twelve Pound (PADS)
Look There's Always Hope (PADS)
Dear Brutus Lucky Dip (PADS)
Today Of All Days (PADS)


Who Are They? (PADS)


Nine 'Til Six The Man In Possession (PADS)
When The Whirlwind Blows (PADS)


Hay Fever (PADS)
A Damsel In Distress (PADS)

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