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    • 14/07/2022
    • 16/07/2022
    • 4 sessions
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Treasure Island

    By Robert Louis Stevenson

    Adapted by Stuart Paterson

    In agreement with Nick Hern Books

    14th – 16th July 2022, 7pm, (12.30pm Matinee, Saturday 16th)

    Main Stage

    A fresh and thrilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, told through a group of school children discovering an old book and jumping into an imaginary world full of pirates, treasure, and excitement! 

    When young Jim and Jenny Hawkins are left with a treasure map by the old sailor Billy Bones, they set sail in search of the island it directs them to. Among the crew Jenny and Jim encounter, the fierce Long John Silver becomes their greatest friend - but Silver has a shocking secret in store, and when they reach their destination... the Hawkins’ face danger and adventure greater than they could ever have imagined.

    Performed by G64’s 8-13 year olds 

    • 27/07/2022
    • 28/07/2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Putney Arts Theatre

    The Next Stage: A Baked Bean Festival

    Wednesday 27th July 3-8pm

    The Baked Bean Players and BBTCo present

    Sunshine Support - What's it like living at the Sunshine Support residential home?  We hope none of you have to find out first hand!

    This play tells the story of a group of residents, who along with help from the Care Quality Commission, turn their residential house into the home they were promised.

    April Fool - This play tells the story of April, who has just moved to a new school and is struggling to fit in.

    We follow April's journey as she learns to deal with bullying and eventually overcome it with the help of her new friend.

    These two fantastic shows will be followed by networking drinks with music provided by the Baked Bean DJs

    We would like to extend special invitation for this date to all Social Care and Healthcare professionals.

    Thursday 28th July 1-3pm

    Beans In Education present

    Health Bites - A series of short scenes set in various health service locations.  This interactive training workshop delivers a serious message in a light-hearted way.

    Although exaggerated for comedic effect, each of the scenes presented in 'Health Bites' are based on real-life experiences of the actors and their peers.

    We would like to extend special invitation for this date to all Healthcare professionals and students.

    To book for either day please call 020 8944 0024 to get your ticket. 

    • 01/08/2022
    • 10:00
    • 17/08/2022
    • 14:30
    • Putney Arts Theatre

    Summer Holiday Projects 

    Consider Yourself At Home

    7 – 11 Years 
    Monday 1st August 2022 – Friday 5th August 2022, 10am-4pm

    £140 per child

    Build a home away from home at Group 64 as we join Fagin and his friends and become ‘part of the furniture’. Exploring the musical Oliver Twist…with a twist!

    Hijacking History

    11 – 16 Years 
    Monday 8th August 2022 – Friday 12th August 2022, 10am-4pm

    £140 per child

    Love musicals? Then, this is the project for you! Sing, dance, and act your way through forgotten stories and mis-told tales on the Group 64 stage this summer. Hear Juliet’s side of the story, the whispers from Henry’s VIII’s six wives, and dance like Billy Elliot. Come and explore real changemakers from yesterday, today and tomorrow! 

    Time Travel Adventurers!

    4* – 7 Years 
    Monday 15th August 2022 – Wednesday 17th August 2022, 10am-2pm

    £90 per child

    This summer holiday, discoveries are being made on the Group 64 stage! Will you join us to travel through time? Discovering the dinosaurs, kings and queens, princesses and heroes! Take a journey through time as we explore the Earth from T-Rex’s to today. 

    *4 year olds must be in reception.

    Book Here

    • 12/08/2022
    • 13/08/2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Edinburgh Preview: JOY

    12th & 13th August 7pm

    Joy. What is Joy? Where can we find it? Is it bathing under sunsets? Swaying in fields of sunflowers? No! It's here! Joy is here! We have searched high and low to find joy and bring it to you! This is the most joyful hour you will ever spend in a theatre: think music, dancing, biscuits and puppies. This powerful and thought-provoking show will leave you smiling from ear to ear.  See the preview of this Group 64 production before the cast jet up to the Edinburgh Fringe.   

    • 28/10/2022
    • 19:30
    • 30/10/2022
    • 19:30
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Barmy Dale… recording live on stage!

    Friday 28th - Saturday 30th October 7.30pm

    Nominated at the World Wide Comedy Awards for Best Podcast, the radio sitcom sensation, Barmy Dale, is set to be recorded in front of a live audience at the Putney Arts Theatre.

    Barmy Dale serves up a cast of British sitcom royalty, with Jeffrey Holland (Hi-De-Hi, You Rang M’Lord?), Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo) Sherrie Hewson (Benidorm, Loose Women) & Judy Buxton (On the Up.)

    The cult audio sitcom is set in the fictional northern English town of Barmy Dale where everything is just a bit barmy and the residents struggle to get through life without the wheels coming off, but they always do, and in hilarious fashion.

    The evening will include the recording of two new episodes and musical entertainment provided by Barmy Dale’s own singing sensation, Alice Farthing and the Dry Ice Quartet, famously the worst and yet the only, musical entertainment in Barmy Dale.

    For anyone who enjoyed the British sitcoms of yesteryear and their much-missed family friendly fun, Barmy Dale is a must see!

    “The acting is on point, the writing is on point, the jokes are on point.”

    (Daily Comedy News, USA)

    "Barmy Dale is proper good old-fashioned comedy brought into the 21st century. Hilarious characters you'll fall in love with and storylines that'll keep you on the edge of your seat”

    (Martyn Williams, Host of BBC Radio Derby’s Evening Show) “5 Stars!! - The jokes hit well. Anyone looking for a sitcom for the ears will be taken with this show.” (Potato Lady Podcast Review)

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