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Audition: Cyrano de Bergerac

  • 29/03/2020
  • 01/04/2020
  • 2 sessions
  • 29/03/2020, 18:30 20:30 (UTC+01:00)
  • 01/04/2020, 19:30 21:30 (UTC+01:00)
  • Putney Arts Theatre

Below you'll find audition details for Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand (adapted by Glyn Maxwell), as well as backstage help required.

Audition dates

Sunday 29 March, 6.30pm or Wednesday 1 April, 7.30pm

Recalls: Sunday 5 April, 6.30pm

Please get in touch with the Director, Stuart Watson, with any questions you may have by emailing stuart_watson@tiscali.co.uk

Production details

Performance dates

Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27 June, 7.45pm (main stage, Putney Arts Theatre)
and Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 July, 3pm (Putney Old Burial Ground)

Rehearsal period

Rehearsals will take place from mid-April on Monday to Thursday, as well as around three hours of rehearsal on a Sunday. Sometimes there may be a need to rehearse on Saturdays, and to rehearse on different days and times. Most actors will only be called for two or three rehearsals a week until the final few weeks, when actors should be prepared to rehearse on up to four days a week.

Please note: This is an amateur production. You do not need to be a member of Putney Theatre Company to audition, but actors and crew will need to become members (£25 a year - direct debit, or £30 otherwise) to take part in the show, and a £25 show fee will be due. Even if you are not cast or involved in the show, we encourage everyone to become a member of PTC to support our work.

Audition Preperation

It is useful for actors to have at least a basic knowledge of the play’s plot (there are various summaries and full adaptations available for free online). Ideally, you would be familiar with Maxwell’s adaptation, which can be purchased from Oberon Books. However, there will be time to prepare the sections of the text that you will be asked to read at the audition.


It is the era of The Three Musketeers and swashbuckling swordsman-poet Cyrano is celebrated throughout Paris for his prowess in battle, his wit and his panache. However, his boisterous demeanour masks a secret sorrow: he adores the beautiful Roxane, yet fears to speak of his passion because he is convinced that his gigantic nose makes him too ugly to be loved. When handsome but tongue-tied young nobleman Christian joins his regiment, Cyrano seizes the opportunity to woo Roxane by proxy. But our hero must emerge victorious through duels, bitter rivalry and war to win the heart of his lady in Rostand’s rollicking epic of adventure and romance.


Glyn Maxwell’s adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac uses the device of having the play acted out by the nuns in the convent to which Roxane has retired after the events of the main story. That means that six women play a variety of roles, both named and unnamed, male and female, ranging from duellist Valvert, overweight tragedian Montfleury, the Gascon soldiers, the “hundred ruffians” who do battle with Cyrano, greedy poets, drunken poets, orange sellers, thieves, priests, etc. The other parts are Roxane (female) and the five main male roles, including Cyrano himself.

However, when this version was produced at Southwark Playhouse all of the actors were female, including Cyrano. Therefore, while the casting breakdown below is the one from the script, almost any character could be played by an actor of either gender – a female Cyrano and/or Christian and nuns played by men are distinctly possible! Most roles are not particularly age-sensitive, except where noted below, and there will be opportunities for both older and younger actors. Casting will be colour-blind. It is possible we may vary the size of the ensemble slightly, but around 12 actors will be needed, including a number of good singers and potentially also musicians.

Cyrano de Bergerac (male)
Swashbuckling swordsman, poet, captain of the Gascony Cadets and possessor of France’s largest nose.

Christian de Neuvillette (male, young)
A handsome, but not especially bright young nobleman.

Count Antoine de Guiche (male)
The villain (at least some of the time). An arrogant aristocrat.

Le Bret (male)
A soldier. Cyrano’s best friend and sidekick.

Rageneau (male)
A pastry chef and poetry groupie.

Roxane (female, young)
Cyrano’s cousin. Beautiful and bookish, with a romantic disposition.

Mother Margaret (older, female)
Nun playing Duenna, Cuigy, Carbonne.

Sister Claire (female)
Nun playing Ligniere, Montfleury, Musketeer, 1st Cadet.

Sister Teresa (female)
Nun playing Thief, Valvert, Lise, Clomire, 3rd Cadet

Sister Martha (female)
Nun playing Busybody, Gremione, 1st Poet, 2nd Cadet

Sister Agnes (female)
Nun playing Brisaille, 2nd Poet, Priest, Sentinel

Sister Rosa (female)
Nun playing Orange-girl, 3rd Poet, 4th Cadet

Backstage help

Opportunities available include:

  • Musicians
  • Fight co-ordinator
  • Lighting and sound operator
  • Lighting designer
  • Set construction
  • Assistant stage managers
  • Costume designer
  • Costume assistants
  • Hair and make up (including prosthetics – Cyrano’s nose!)

Please get in touch with stuart_watson@tiscali.co.uk if you are interested in getting involved.

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