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Truth or Dare – a new writing event

  • 19/05/2020
  • 19:45
  • 23/05/2020
  • 19:45
  • Putney Arts Theatre

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Is it better or worse to know the truth?

Putney Theatre Company presents Truth or Dare, a new writing event.

Performance dates: Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 May 2020, 7.45pm (studio theatre)

Submissions have now closed for this event. We are currently in the process of choosing scripts to take forward to the next stage of development, before making the final decision on which pieces to produce by January 2020 for performance in May. 

New Writing theme: Truth or Dare

Whilst we roam around our world, questions arise about how well we know each individual we encounter and think we know already. Families, work colleagues, house mates, partners, friends and siblings all hold out at a life, whilst they stride through their everyday routines and aspirations.

What would happen if one of those members sprung a truth you did not realise about them which could change one's outlook, perspective, thought process and view of that person? Would it change the values of people? Would you dare to push for the truth? Would it change the trajectory of one's life if a truth were to be told? Should we dare to open old wounds for the sake of others or even oneself? Would it be better or worse to know the truth?

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