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Truth or Dare – a new writing event

  • 19/05/2020
  • 19:45
  • 23/05/2020
  • 19:45
  • Putney Arts Theatre

Enter our new writing competition

Is it better or worse to know the truth?

Putney Theatre Company invites submissions for Truth or Dare – a new writing event to be performed in May 2020.

Deadline for submissions:
5pm on 6th December 2019

Whilst we roam around our world, questions arise about how well we know each individual we encounter and think we know already. Families, work colleagues, house mates, partners, friends and siblings all hold out at a life, whilst they stride through their everyday routines and aspirations. What would happen if one of those members sprung a truth you did not realise about them which could change one's outlook, perspective, thought process and view of that person? Would it change the values of people? Would you dare to push for the truth? Would it change the trajectory of one's life if a truth were to be told? Should we dare to open old wounds for the sake of others or even oneself? Would it be better or worse to know the truth?

This season's PTC New Writing seeks new writing to inspire, be thought provoking and expand on the idea of Truth or Dare and attempt to make a difference for the future of the characters in the play. We wish to ignite discussions outside the constraints of the theatre. Each piece should evoke discussions and questions about the theme of 'Truth or Dare'. It can be about political, social, economic or personal consequences.

There is no restriction on genre or format for your piece. Use the state of society in your set time period to highlight the good and bad of a situation in those times. There has to be an objective to the writing, which can have a turn of events and thus giving way to the ‘Truth or Dare’ you wish to convey.

This year’s New Writing will be performed in our Studio Space at Putney Arts Theatre. It is a smaller space to the main stage, but invites the audience to the intimacy of the piece and the characters, so writing should be for a simple set. Lighting and sound can help emphasize moments. Please write for a maximum of 4 actors (although the piece could have more characters, as long as it allows for the doubling up for actors to perform). Pieces can be from 3 to 15 minutes.

The deadline for delivering your submission is 29th November 2019. We'll be taking successful submissions through two rounds of development to help make your script even better, with the final decision of pieces being made by January 2020 with performances in May 2020.

If you have any further questions, please contact ptcnewwriting@gmail.com

Advice for submissions

  • Please send all submissions to ptcnewwriting@gmail.com by 5pm on 6th December 2019. Any submissions after this point cannot be considered.

  • Please submit your piece as a Word document or PDF only. No other formats will be considered.

  • Clearly title your piece, but do not put your contact details on the document itself. Our team read pieces anonymously to ensure fairness. Please do include your contact details, name, telephone number and email address in your covering email.

  • Shortlisted submissions will be notified before 12th December 2019, development of projects will begin in January 2020.

Performance dates

Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd May 2020, 7.45pm (studio)

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