What's On

The Retreat

2019-01-23 19:45:00

by Sam Bain

22nd- 26th January 2019 @ 7.45pm

Money, love & Buddhism in Sam Bain's hillarious comedy drama!

Friday Theatre Club

2019-01-25 15:06:00

Introducing a new day time theatre group aimed at all those with an interest in theatre.

Audition: The Real Thing

2019-02-06 19:30:00

Audition Dates:                        Wednesday 6 February 7.30pm
                                                 Sunday 10 February 6.30pm

Recalls:                                     Wednesday 13 February 7.30pm


2019-02-19 19:45:00

by Patrick Marber

19th - 23rd February 2019 @ 7.45pm

A vision of sexual jealousy and desire, in a search for reality   


Audition: The Odyssey

2019-02-26 20:00:00

Audition Dates:                        26 February, 8.00pm – 10.30pm
                                                 27 February, 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Recalls:                                     3 March, times TBC


2019-03-12 19:45:00

by Vicky Jones

12th - 16th March 2019 @ 7.45pm

A shamelessly funny and brutally honest play about sex, connection and control.

The Real Thing

2019-04-23 19:45:00

by Tom Stoppard

23rd - 27th April 2019 @ 7.45pm

The line between art and life is becoming blurred.

The Blue Room - A Rehearsed Reading

2019-05-10 20:00:00

by David Hare

Friday 10th May

Circular scenes of love and betrayal, lust and mistrust


2019-05-21 19:45:00

by PTC New Writing

21st - 25th May 2019 @ 7.45pm

What makes people do the things they do?  How does a revolution start?

The Odyssey

2019-06-25 19:45:00

A Devised Piece

25th - 29th June 2019 @ 7.45pm

Tell me a old story for modern times. Find the beginning.