Truth or Dare


G64 Truth or Dare Festival

6th-10th December


Five days of bold new theatre made for and by young people of all ages, exploring and challenging the themes of truth and dare. What does it take to dare - dare to be, dare to do, dare to dream? And how do we what the truth is in this "post-truth" world? 

Join us to celebrate G64, our thriving young people's theatre company, through workshops, performances, the final of our play writing competition, and above all an opportunity for young voices to be heard. 


Once Upon A Dare

A new musical created and performed by our 8-13 year olds. Well known stories are discovered in the forbidden library, but not as we know them! How does the story change if one of the characters had DARED to take a different journey…?

Wed 6th 7pm / Sat 9th 7pm


The Game

What does it take to dare – dare to be, dare to do, dare to dream? Is the truth really out there, and if we find it how are we even meant to know it’s not “post-truth” truth?!

Over the summer we took 14 young people on a residential trip to explore these questions – here’s what they thought!

Wed 6th 8.30pm / Sat 9th 3pm



It's 2050 and changes in technology mean lying politicians are a thing of the past. Sounds perfect right? But with apps monitoring our every word TruthOr looks at who's really in charge.

Developed with G64’s 14-17s & written by award winning playwright Martin Murphy.

This darkly comic ensemble piece both entertains and challenges.

Thurs 7th 8.30pm / Sat 9th 8.30pm


Dare to share

A variety night of performances by young people and some of G64’s alumni! Join us for a sharing of songs, music, drama and dance – fun for all the family!

Thurs 7th 7pm    


Write night!

We invited young people aged 4-18 to enter their plays based around the theme of Truth or Dare over the summer. Now we present the winning 10 plays, performed by our Young Company along with a panel of professional writers – Isley Lynn, Martin Murphy and Amie Taylor.

Fri 8th 7.45pm    


Outside the box

Skye is surrounded by boxes. But what if she dared to make her world a different shape?

Join us in a tale of adventure and imagination, where time gets muddled and books can fly.

Little Echo (G64 Graduate Theatre Company) celebrate creativity and explore the possibilities of thinking outside the box. (For ages 4-7 and their families)

Sun 10th 11am    


Tickets: 1 show (adult/conc) £10/£5 – Evening Double Bill £15/£8 – Festival Pass £35/£20





G64 Truth or Dare Festival